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Wellue™ Wearable Heart Monitor

Wellue™ Ultra-light personal heart monitoring device, you are able to record your heartbeat from the 30S to 15 minutes compatible with both hand touching and wearing technology. It is easy to use and friendly for those people which are concerned about their heart health or family having a history of heart problems. Reports can be reviewed or shared with your doctor in a PDF file for your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Before buying, there are two tips necessary to be read in case of any misunderstanding:

1>Please do remember to charge the device for the first time, or the device will not work without activation.

2>For the users of the Andriod System please pay attention:

Permission required: It is Andriod System needs your location to connect your device via Bluetooth(BLE). We will not keep track of your location in any way.

We need access to your file storage to save your data. We will not access any other information. Please MAKE SURE of ALLOW the access as per instruction of the steps during the first time when you connect to the Vihealth APP so that you can enjoy the APP functionalities and capture real-time heart health data on your smartphone.

Easy to Use: It supports both hand-held measurement and wearing measurement: hand-touching technology and chest strap lead you to record your heart waveform in your daily life without disturbing your life/working rhythm.

Two-In-One Protective Cover and Charging Base Design: Two-in-one innovative charging base design saves you the time to shop around for a protective cover and at least saves you one piece heart health analysis fee.

Soft Textile Chest Strap Supports 15-Mins Measurement: The soft chest strap with high-quality electrodes contribute you with bigger signals to get reliable heartbeat data up to 15 minutes, you will get more accurate and more details to provide original data for your doctors for analysis. ( The signal is generally stronger from Chest lead or Lead II than Lead I for the majority of people).

Data Synced to Mobile APP: Just download Vihealth APP from Google Play or the Apple store, then you can review your real-time heart data with easy connection to APP via Bluetooth 4.0BLE. Unlimited storage with the history enables you to check your heart health graphs over time with a free APP without being charged the monthly report fee.

Detailed Report with Adjustable Ruler Function: High solution filter algorithm technology to display high-resolution waveform and you also review your instant waveform with adjustable ruler function by enlarging in three options(0.5mv, 1mv, 2mv).

Review and Share the Report: In the APP, you can view the heart data report, also make a note and export the report in PDF, and share it with your doctor to get valuable advice in a timely manner.

Track Your Heart Health On-the-Go: Smaller than a credit card, which you can put into your pocket and can track your heart health no matter you’re at home or on-trip anytime and anywhere.


Easy Start to Have Your First Hand Heart Beating Data on Your Smartphone