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Sport Breathing Fitness Exerciser

  • 【Highly Effective】Offers the widest range of inspiratory/expiratory resistance levels to meet anyone's needs. From low resistance for respiratory rehab patients, gradually increasing to a high resistance level for competitive athletes. Improves endurance, breath-holding, and shortness of breath.
  • 【Easy To Use】Only one moving part. Turn the valve to the left to decrease the airflow in order to create more resistance and turn it to the right for less.
  • 【Very Compact】only 4" tall - You can take it anywhere and use it anywhere (Pocket Sized).
  • 【Flexible medical-grade silicone mouthpiece】 It is extremely comfortable, providing excellent fit and seal. Once in your mouth, you don't even need to handhold it.
  • 【Highly Durable】Heavy-duty plastic construction and 100% rust proof.
  • 【Immediate benefits】It will open the airways into your lungs that have been partially obstructed over the years, due to natural aging, pollution, poor physical condition, and smoking (if applicable).
  • 【Long-term benefits】Will target and develop the respiratory muscles ( the diaphragm and intercostals) to help you inhale more volume of air/oxygen into your lungs and to exhale more carbon dioxide out.