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SleepU Wrist Oxygen Monitor - Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitors

Track Blood Oxygen Level Every Second with Vibration Alarm.

Video Description 

Better Way to Track Your Overnight Oxygen Levels

FDA listed Wellue® SleepU is compact and lipstick-sized, simply wear it on your wrist for a full night, it records your blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and body movements every second continuously.

Wellue SleepU Wrist Pulse Oximeter with App and PC software

  • Overnight Tracking

Record heart rate & oxygen levels every second continuously.

  • Low Oxygen Alert

Built-in silent vibrator.

Vibrate when low O2 Saturation.

  • Built-in Memory

Work stand-alone, even without smartphone.

  • Free iOS/Android APP

Analysis and trends of oxygen saturation & heart rate. High resolution trend chart with 4 second interval.

  • Free PC Software, Free Mac APP

Print/share PDF/CSV analysis reports with doctor.

  • Rechargeable

Built-in rechargeable battery.

16 hours battery life.

Who will Benefit from SleepU™?

sleep apnea, copd, asthma benefit from wellue sleepu

What Make the Wellue SleepU™ Different?

wellue sleepu vs tradtional wrist oximeter

Built-in Adjustable Silent Vibration Alarm

The vibration in the patented ring sensor will nudge you gently to change sleep position when blood oxygen level is below preset value.

Rolling over onto your side(recommended position) can help you open airway to breath more oxygen.

The silent vibration instead of audible beeping doesn't disturb your partner. You can adjust intensity and threshold in ViHealth app to fit you best.

Wellue SleepU Wrist Pulse Oximeter sleep apnea monitor vibraton alarm

Perfect Mate of CPAP and Oxygenerator 

This wearable pulse oximeter tracks overnight oxygen levels and heart rate, it helps you to see whether the CPAP machine or oxygenerator is effective and provides more info for diagnosis.

Wellue SleepU Wrist Pulse Oximeter works with CPAP or oxygen concentrator

Patented Ring Sensor, Enhance Your Home Experience

Unlike duckbill sensor, it's a relief like wearing nothing, don't make your finger numb. Our patented ring sensor never slips from your finger, completely free your finger!

Continuous wrist oximeter better than nonin wristox2, nellcor, contec, beurer, lookee sleep monitor and masimo.

Oxygen Trend History & Insights

Detailed analysis and trends of your overnight blood oxygen levels, heart rate and body movements. See if there are hypoxia events and how severe it is. High resolution trend chart with 4 second interval. 

You can log notes and share unlimited sleep oximetry reports with your doctor.

Show your real-time blood oxygen & heart rate.

Wellue SleepU sleep oxygen monitor smartphone App

Export Professional CSV Report

Export the detailed reports in CSV form, share with your doctors for further ananlysis.

More specific results deliver more powerful support.

Wellue SleepU sleep oxygen monitor smartphone App

Take a Home Sleep Apnea Test

Export or print overnight oximetry reports from PC software, it's totally free. Share unlimited reports with your doctor, PDF or CSV format, as you want! 

Wellue SleepU Wrist Pulse Oximeter home sleep apnea test

Getting Started is Easy

1. Wear SleepU™

Go to sleep or work, no need to work with phone.

2. Take it off

Your recordings are already in the SleepU™.

3. Sync Data

Upload data to APP or PC software, share with your doctor.


What Our Customers Say?


WEIGHT:  1.09 oz / 31g

DEVICE DIMENSIONS: 1.6'' x 0.9'' x 0.5'' 

RING PERIMETER: 2.0'' - 3.0'' / 50-76mm

WIRELESS: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE 

BATTERY LIFE: Rechargeable lithium-polymer, 3.7 Vdc, 16 hours for typical use

VIBRATION SOURCE: Low oxygen levels


RECORDED PARAMETERS: Oxygen levels, pulse rate, motion 

COMPATIBLE COMPUTER SYSTEM: Windows 7/8/10; macOS 10.15.3 or above

COMPATIBLE WITH: iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s/iPad 3 or above; Android 5.0 or above, with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


PULSE RATE RANGE: 30 to 250 bpm



BUILT-IN MEMORY:4 sessions, up to 10 hours for each session 

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