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Automatic Wall mount infrared thermometer


How to Use?

Just press the START/STOP button to turn it on. Once it is on it will make one short beep showing theC on the LED display. Keeping a distance about 1`~10 cm, move the probe close to the forehead and the thermometer will show the temperature reading automatically.


  • The high quality, infrared technology takes care of your temperature.
  • There is no contact involved means it is contact-free.
  • An innovative probe with accurate and valid precision.
  • Perfect choice for every place. Schools, offices, shops, homes, hospitals, etc can go for it.
  • It is easily portable and light-weight making it suitable for travel and all kind of people.
  • A feature of easy switch between C° and F°makes it easy to use.


  • Quick measurement with high accuracy

The device can measure temperature within 1s and show the result in the LED display. Moreover, this device also has a very high accuracy rate ±0.2℃/±0.4℉; which means the probability of the result being error is very less. This implies to the fact that, this device can measure body temperature within 1s with maximum accuracy.

  • Easy Switch Between°Celsius and°Fahrenheit

It has a feature of “2 mode Switch”. This extremely useful thermometer is designed for people of all ages including babies and elders as well. This feature is not only for the forehead thermometer but is also included in the surface thermometer as well.

How to Switch? Just press the button and hold it for 3 seconds. Press the ‘memo’ button OR the ‘mode’ button to switch between C° and F°.

  • No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

The distance between the thermometer and forehead should be 1-10 cm. It is a non-contact thermometer that ensures the safety and hygiene of you and your family. It is a more convenient option than a standard mercury thermometer and a touch thermometer.

  • Big LCD display

The digital thermometer with a big LCD screen ensures the display of clear readings. Unlike the usual conventional thermometers you do not need to put any effort to get the reading. The LCD digital display will show you the result in C° and F° within very less amount of time.

  • Temperature abnormality alarm

The thermometer of fever with high-temperature alarm will promptly remind you of the abnormal body temperature. If you have a fever which means if your body temperature is higher than the average human body temperature than this device will start the alarm which is preinstalled. So this device makes much easier for you to detect whether you have got a fever or not.


  • Product Name:Wall mounted thermometer
  • Measuring Accuracy: ±0.2℃/±0.4℉      
  • Measuring Part: Forehead
  • Measuring Range: Body mode 32.0℃~43.0℃ (89.6℉-109.4℉)
  • Measurement distance:1-10 cm
  • Temperature unit: ℃/°F
  • Measurement speed:1s
  • Application: public places: office, school, shopping mall, outdoor, airport, and church
  • Power source:18650 lithium battery 2000mah/Type-C
  • Net weight:151g (without battery)
  • Main unit size:140(L) *93(W) *93(H) mm

Packing List: 1 thermometer, 1 manual