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Rehabilitation of Lung Impairment After COVID-19

February 24, 2021 1 min read

With the gradual increase in the number of cured cases of COVID-19 patients, in addition to vaccine development and injection, people are also concerned about recovery after illness.

To help patients return to their original daily life, World Health Organization (WHO) released Rehabilitation For Patients With Lung Impairment After COVID-19 recently.

Patients can develop lung impairment due to respiratory muscle weakness following inflammation, prolonged ventilation, use of neuromuscular blocking drugs. Lung impairment also can occur because of problems with the airways, alveoli, blood vessels, or the muscles involved in breathing.


When your breathing muscles are weakened from disease or surgery, it can have a devastating impact on daily life. Impaired breathing may hamper your ability to be physically active and may make walking, climbing stairs, and even sleeping difficult. Speech and swallowing can also be affected.

Respiratory muscle training (RMT) strengthens your respiratory muscles and improves your ability to perform these activities.

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